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Several members of the Climate Geology group are involved in various courses within the Departement of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich. This includes lectures, lab practicals, excursions and field courses.

Students on an excursion  
Students sketching an outcorp on an excursion


Number Unit Lecturer
651-3070-AAL Fundamentals of Geology  S. Bernasconi,
J.-P. Burg
651-3424-00L Sedimentology  A. Gilli
651-3482-00L Geological Field Course II: Sedimentary Rocks  N. Mancktelow,
J.-P. Burg,
M. Frehner,
A. Gilli,
S. Ivy Ochs,
V. Picotti
651-4002-00L Stratigraphy and Time  A. Gilli,
P. Brack,
H. Bucher,
I. Hajdas,
K. Hippe,
A. M. Hirt,
S. Ivy Ochs
651-4056-00L Limnogeology  A. Gilli,
N. Dubois,
K. Kremer
651-4150-00L Sedimentary Rocks and Processes  S. Willett


Our excursions are published on the Department of Earth Sciences excursions website.


If you are interested in fieldwork with the Climate Geology Group, please contact Prof. Stefano Bernasconi.

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